J-Vu Entertainment, a boutique music firm founded by Cheryl Banks in 2005, specializes in music management, artist development, and music production. Having the love of music and an acute sense of business as its base has enabled J-Vu Entertainment to successfully navigate the murky waters for which the music industry is so synonymously known.

We utilize a multi-faceted approach to the development of music as a full concept, emphasizing the importance of modern marketing, implemented by the firm’s developmental strategist team. J-Vu is the transformative tool that sharpens any artists’ edge.

J-Vu Entertainment develops the ideal concepts for an artist through an integration of pop-culture foresight, and experience. The company maintains a working partnership with music executive Fredrick “Big Rick” Frazier. Together, J-Vu has remained on an upward slope, securing production for world-renowned artists who are the music industry’s powerhouses; and the momentum is unstoppable.


Meet the Founder

Cheryl Banks

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